Red Hat/Fedora Linux Logo Tux with Camera
The Bangla Red Hat/Fedora Linux screenshots

Installer - Welcome Screen

Installer - Language Selection

Installer - Keyboard Layout Selection I

Installer - Keyboard Layout Selection II

Installer - Install Class Selection

Installer - Disk Partition I

Installer - Disk Partition II

Installer - Disk Formatting

Installer - Boot Loader I

Installer - Firewall Setup

Installer - Language Selection

Installer - Timezone Selection

Installer - Root Password

Installer - Package Selection I

Installer - Package Selection II

Installer - Last Pre-install Screen

Installer - CD Requirement

Installer - CD to Hard Disk transfer

Installer - Installation progress I

Installer - Request for CD Change

Installer - CD Error

Installer - Installation progress II

Installer - Monitor Detection

Installer - Boot Loader II

Installer - Upgrade

Installer - Final Screen

Boot Configuration

Clock Setup

Timezone setup

Monitor Setup

Login Screen I

Installer - Language Selection

DNS Server Configuration I

DNS Server Configuration II

DNS Server Configuration III

Keyboard Configuration

Login Screen Configuration

Network File Server Configuration I

Network File Server Configuration II

Printer Configuration

Root Password Setup

Security Setup

Services Setup

User Management

New User

Fedora Core 2 Desktop

Login Screen II

Hardware Listing

Package Management

Red Hat Network Configuration

Monitor Setup

Video Card Setup

Desktop Menu
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