Ankur - Supporting Bangla (Bengali) on GNU/Linux

KDE Bangla Translation Project

The Ankur group is the official Bengali translation team for the KDE desktop. Translations are available as part of official KDE releases starting from KDE 3.2.1.

Translation Status

The current status of KDE translation can be found at the KDE internationalization site. The current status of translations of GUI messages along with the translated PO files can be found here. Look inside the meta-package directories for the individual PO files. This page is updated daily.

Using the translated GUI

The whole point of the tranlations, of course, is for people to use it. You should be able to obtain translations from the same place you got your KDE. If you need more bleeding-edge versions, please ask on our mailing list.

Contributing translations

Translating KDE is not a trivial project! We can use all the help possible. If you are interested in joining the translation team, this page has more information for you.


Some (older) screenshots can be found here. As this is a work in progress, expect untranslated strings and bugs!

Mailing List

KDE translation is discussed in this mailling list.

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