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GNOME Bangla Translation Project

Ankur group is the official Bangla translation team for GNOME desktop. Translation work has already started, and our goal is to have Bangla as a supported language. GNOME-2.4 is already out with most of the core modules being translated. Future versions of GNOME will have more and more modules translated to Bangla.

You can find the status of GNOME-2.4 translation here. Also the current status of future GNOME version can be found here.

Translation Database
Please submit translation suggestions

Here are some screenshots of Bangla GNOME. As this is a work in progress, expect untranslated strings and bugs!

We need Volenteers!

Translating GNOME is not a trivial project, there are more than 11,000 strings in GNOME core alone! We can use all the help possible. If you are interested to join the translation team please read the translator's guide and contact Ankur-gnome-translation e-mail list.

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