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Bspeller: A Bengali Spell Checker

Bspeller is a light weight text editor with a Bengali spell checker. The spell checker is based on GNU Aspell Library. This program is part of the Bengali dictionary project, and uses the word list provided by the project.

Bspeller also has an unique feature of printing Bengali text files using OpenType fonts. This is a feature currently not available in most of the popular text editors, eg. gedit, kedit, etc.

Source Code: The latest source code can be downloaded from here.
You will also find a binary rpm package for RedHat 8.0 at the above URL.

Compilation/Installtion: Bspeller uses quite a few libraries related to gtk/gnome. The following packages are needed to compile bspeller:


You will also need the latest version of GNU Aspell installed. Almost all of the distributions' new releases still ship with 33.x version of Aspell. If that is the case for your system too then you will have to get the latest 50.x version from After aspell is installed you will have to install the GNU Aspell Bengali word list. Check our download page for this list.

Screenshot: Everyone likes to see screen shots! So here it is. I was running Bspeller under bn_BD.UTF-8 locale, otherwise the buttons would show up in English.

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