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Currently we are working on quite a few projects. Even though these projects are part of the effort to support Bengali on Linux, the end result of many of them are actually platform independent. The following are some of the projects:

Translation Projects

  • GNOME: Bengali translation for the GNOME desktop.
  • KDE: Bengali translation for the KDE desktop.
  • Mandrake Linux: Bengali translation for Mandrake Linux Distribution.
  • Red Hat: Bengali translation for Red Hat Linux Distribution.
  • SUSE Linux: Bengali translation for SUSE Linux Distribution. Bangla

Bangla version of the popular Office Suite

Bengali Google

Unicode compliant Bengali version of

Bengali Dictionary

The goal is to have a free Unicode compliant Bengali dictionary, spell checker, etc.

Free Bangla Fonts Project

Dedicated for creating Free, high quality, completely Unicode compliant Open Type Bangla fonts.


It is a plain text editor designed to take in phonetic input from a standard US keyboard and convert (transliterate) it online into bangla text. The text is stored as unicode ( UTF-8 ) and can be read by any unicode aware application.

Archive of Bengali literature

The goal of this project is to create an archive of public domain Bengali literature accessible through the internet.

Ankur Bangla Live! CD

A LiveCD running a localiced version of GNOME 2.4 (Bangla GNOME).


The following people are currently working on these projects:

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