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About Ankur's English to Bengali dictionary (অভিধান: ইংরেজী হইতে বাংলা)

This English to Bengali dictionary is run by Ankur, an internet-based voluntary organization where anyone can join/contribute/leave as they wish. This group is working towards supporting Bangla (Bengali) language on GNU/Linux operating system. Some of its projects are in fact platform independent and add supports to other operating systems.

Idea for an Ankur's dictionary project was conceived in late 2002. Initial aim was to compile a Bengali to Bengali/English dictionary. However, the project didn't go as planned and virtually it went into a phase of hibernation. You can read more on this effort here.

A new attempt for having an online version of English to Bengali dictionary was initiated in the summer of 2006. It was born from a discussion on how one may use the existing database of Anubadok: The Bangla Machine Translator as seed contribution towards compiling a high-quality English to Bengali dictionary which will be freely available to everyone.

The rationale behind this dictionary project is that everyone can use the dictionary without any obligation. However, if the user wants then s/he can also contribute new Bengali meanings towards enlargement of its database. These contributions are then manually checked/edited by the editors before they are included to the main database.

The online interface for this dictionary was launched in June 2006 using text files as database back-end. However, it was soon realized that for a feature rich dictionary it may be convenient to upgrade its back-end to a relational database system.

In Nov 2007, the database back-end was upgraded to MySQL database. At the same time, it's user interface was enhanced using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). In addition, it now uses Bengali Virtual Keyboard that helps in contributing new dictionary entries (in Unicode Bengali) using standard English keyboard and without using any keyboard layout.

The entire contents of this dictionary as well as the client programs are available under the terms of GNU General Public License. You can download the latest MySQL/XML dumps of the database from here. An offline client of the dictionary should be available for free download in near future.

This dictionary project since its inception, is being maintained by Golam Mortuza Hossain ( gmhossain at gmail.com ). If you are interested in helping this project then please feel free to write to the maintainer or Ankur mailing list ( core at bengalinux.org ). Read more about the people behind the project.

If you are curious then here is the vital statistics of this dictionary.

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