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The image means that the downloads are either hosted directly on Ankur's sourceforge download area or is contributed by an Ankur member. Please check out the documents section to find out how to use some of the following.


A light weight text editor with a Bengali spell checker. This program is part of the Bengali dictionary project. The program can also print Bengali text files using OpenType fonts, a feature currently not available in most of the text editors, eg. gedit, kedit, etc. [download] [screenshot]

GNU Aspell Bengali word list

A Bengali word list with over 100,000 words for GNU Aspell. This list is the direct result of the Bengali dictionary project. [download]

Bangla Keyboard layouts

  • XFree86's Bangla keyboard symbol: This is part of the official XFree86 distribution and has the phonetic layout Probhat proposed by Ankur. The the documents section to learn how to use X keyboard layouts.
  • Bangla keyboard symbol extended: This is a hack based on XFree86's symbol file. Due to changes in Unicode 4.0, we had to change Ankur's phonetic Probhat layout. This change should be merged to XFree86 soon.

You can find the phonetic layout Probhat's screenshot here.

If you do end up hacking a new keyboard layout please let us know. Also if you need help setting up the keyboard layout check our keyboard mini howto document.

Bengali Fonts

There are more than enough Bengali fonts out there. However, most of them do not follow any standard encoding scheme, and/or are not *free*. The following fonts follow the Unicode encoding and are free (most of them under GPL):

  • Akash: A OpenType Bengali font. [www]
  • Likhan: Another OpenType Bengali font. [www]
  • Ani: Yet another OpenType Bengali font.
  • Mukti: Yet another OpenType Bengali font, however, this one has different weight.

We have an rpm package freebanglafont-0.5-1.noarch.rpm for the above four fonts for RedHat. The pacakge or the individual fonts can also be downloaded from freebangfont project's web page.

  • Raga: Covers all the Bengali code points as defined in Unicode. Plan is to include glyphs from other indic scripts. [www]
  • Probhat: A TrueType font that does not cover all the Bengali code points as defined in Unicode (but cover all the commonly used and basic ones), and is constantly changing. Plan is to convert it into an OpenType font.


Locale defination file for Bangladeshi Bengali which has been added to glibc.


A package for typesetting documents in Bangla using the TeX/LaTeX system by Palash B. Pal. [www]

Bengali with Groff

This link has a document explaining how to use a Bengali font with GNU groff. The web site has it's own Bengali font.

Bengali Writer Utilities

This link has quite a few utilities for writing Bengali text.


A Bengali calendar plus diary based on xdiary. [screenshot of calendar] [screenshot of diary]

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