The Reviewer's Guide

A translator works on a particular file and submits it to the concerned mailing list for review. Anyone could be a reviewer, but it is better if someone who has prior experience in working on PO files. Once someone decides to review a file, he/she should announce that in the list, and start going through the submitted file. While making changes to any entry, the reviewer must document that below the entry in the form of a comment beginning with a hash (#).

A reviewer may correct the following mistakes in a PO file, without consulting the original translator. (Of course, the changes need to be noted in a comment below the entry.)

For any other kind of changes, the reviewer must write the suggested alternative (stating valid reasons if required) below the original entry in the form of a comment.

Once review is complete, the reviewer will need to post the reviewed file (complete with comments) to the appropriate mailing list, where, the original translator will need to go through the review and approve it and make required changes (if any). It is the duty of the translator to mark a file as final, so that the coordinator can commit it in the main source tree.